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Change can be frightening, difficult, complex, and maybe at times not worthwhile. But what if we tell you it is fun, new, and exciting! Will you trust us? And join the Digital Bandwagon for a new and exciting chapter of your business life. We are change-makers, digital achievers, and all that you are afraid of.

FRIENDLiTECH is a culture that talks digital, walks digital, and above all knows digital. We bring you the next chapter of your business journey by digitalizing all your processes and equip you to take on the world more transparently – more digitally.

our happy clients.

Atit Shah CEO | Create Entertainment | www.createentertainment.com

“I had very high expectations for the type of website I wanted to create. FRIENDLiTECH's team worked very hard to create what I had envisioned for our company's website. Not only were they very knowledgeable and efficient in their work, but they also offered their suggestions and creative ideas throughout the process of adding numerous pages and features to our website. I was very impressed with the quality of work, customer care, and meticulous attention to detail. I will surely refer them to any business associates, friends, and family who are looking for quality website developers!”

Sarish Khan ESQ. Founder | Sarish Law - PLLC | www.sarishlaw.com

“I had a wonderful experience with FRIENDLiTECH. They were committed to bringing my vision to life by incorporating my feedback every step of the way. I highly recommend the company to entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for a sleek, high functioning, and easy to use website. ”

Saad Ali CEO | DEEOR | www.deeor.com

The transition to an e-commerce online store for us seemed like a daunting task that we thought would be extremely difficult. There are many moving parts to make the transition from your brick and mortar business to an online store. In order to do it in a successful manner; a business does not only need a website; but also needs to be on all the social media platforms and make sure they integrate properly with the website.
Since we were new to the online world; we needed to partner with a company that would not only make a website for us but also help us enhance our social media presence.
Going through the vetting process to find the right e-commerce website developer; we soon realized that we not only need a website developer but also a social media management company. So that they would be a one stop shop for us.
FRIENDLiTECH took their time to first understand our business. They then provided us with cost effective solutions; that were practical and easy to implement. We are now using on a daily basis and are very happy we chose FRIENDLiTECH as our e-commerce site developer. We would highly recommend them to any business.